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All types of castings supplied



Aluminium castings in all commercial grades + special grades when requested, most applications are well covered by LM6, LM24, LM25 or LM27.

Typical applications are medical and electronic equipment, classic car and motorcycle parts, compressor and motor housings, machining centres for aircraft turbines, marine applications and train carriage interiors.

Copper base alloys including Aluminium Bronze (AB1 AB2), Leaded gun metals (LG1 LG2 LG4), Phosphor Bronzes (PB1 PB2) Brasses of many various grades. Typical applications are bearings, display fittings and plaques, decorative trim carriage interiors, gas & light fittings.

Other materials are available, including Lead and Zinc casting.

  • Casting processes available are:  
  • Precision sand cast using air set moulds
  • Petro bond sand casting
  • Green sand casting
  • Investment casting (Lost Wax process)
  • Gravity die casting (Chill or permanent mould)
  • High or Low pressure die casting

Iron & Steel castings in virtually all grades, ranging from small castings less than 1kg up to around 4 tonnes.

Typical applications include pumps, compressors, stainless steel mixers, laser and machine beds, equipment for large steel processing plant, steam train brake blocks, firebars axle boxes etc.

Casting processes available are:

  • Sand cast using air set moulds
  • Green sand casting
  • Investment casting (Lost Wax process)


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